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BeeferTM Spring Kits

The Fastest Selling, Most Preferred

4-Coil System in the World!


Spring Kits


The strongest, most durable "Four Coil" System available...

Stronger and easier to install than

 "Extended Wire" Systems...

No need to disassemble any portion of your trap!

Keep Profits and Catches Up ...

install BEEFERTM  Spring Kits!

If you've tried "Extended Wire" methods of four coiling traps and found that they fall apart when trapping coyotes or other aggressive animals, Try BEEFERTM Spring Kits.  They give any trap extra holding power and speed.  They keep traps working through frozen ground, snow and ice.  Thousands of professional and part-time trappers wouldn't be without them.

Stock kits are available for all the traps noted on our "Kits Available" page.  Custom kits are also available if the traps you are using are not listed.  You will find information needed for custom kits on the bottom of the "Kits Available" page.